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Placement Services for Law Firms

For over ten years, Kovensky Daniels has successfully assisted D.C. area law firms with their recruiting needs.  We built our strong reputation by presenting the best possible candidates for each specific opening.  We excel at helping law firms identify and hire talented associates, partners and groups.

We spend the time it takes to get to know your law firm.  Our goal is to understand a firm’s culture, personality and long term hiring strategy.  We are available to visit with firms to discuss their needs and goals.  We take pride in the relationships that we maintain with recruiting professionals, partners and associates.

Based in D.C., we understand the D.C. market.  D.C. is one of the largest and most competitive legal markets in the nation.   There are thousands of lawyers working in various practice groups at law firms, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, companies, and with the government.  Over the years we have cultivated an extensive network in the legal community and a pool of qualified candidates.  Our clients frequently are amazed at how quickly we identify a selection of superior candidates.

Our reputation for excellent service is based on the personal attention we give to each search and the high ethical standards we set for ourselves.  We know that hiring the right attorneys is crucial to a successful practice, and that the competition for talent is intense.  Law firms come to us with their specific hiring needs.  We present only the most appropriate candidates for each search.  Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

However, what truly sets us apart is our approachable and honest style.  Our clients report that is it a pleasure to work with us.

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