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Placement Services
for Associates


Kovensky Daniels understands what it is like to be an associate at a law firm, and we also understand the careful thought that accompanies a lateral move.  We started in this business and built our reputation by presenting the best possible candidates for each specific lateral opening. 

Our success is due to:

·  Our own experiences as associates and placing associates
·  Our personalized and holistic approach to legal placements
·  Our network of relationships and access to decision-makers

Our Experience – We’re Lawyers and Search Consultants

We have experience recruiting and placing associates during both soft and highly competitive legal market conditions.

Over the past ten years we have monitored the legal market, tracking legal needs, identifying trends and spotting opportunities.  We’ve also developed an intimate understanding of the distinct personality and culture at many top D.C. law firms.  We take pride in the long standing relationships we have developed with these firms over the years. 

We’ve helped hundreds of associates to make successful lateral moves.  The majority of our candidates are referrals; a testament to a high degree of satisfaction felt by the attorney’s with whom we have worked.

Our Approach—Personalized and Holistic

Unlike other professions, attorneys make a limited number of moves during their careers.  It’s very important that each move advance your career prospects.  We take a very personalized approach to lateral moves because we understand all that is at stake.  We look at all the factors to find a firm that will provide you with the best platform for continued career success.  We believe that the only way to ensure a strong fit is by working one-on-one with each associate.  We spend time getting to know your practice, your goals and your personality.

Our Network—Top Law Firms and Legal Talent

Regardless of market conditions, there is always a need for lateral talent.  As client demands change, law firms require skilled lawyers that can make an immediate contribution.  It is time consuming and can be difficult for law firms to identify, contact, recruit and hire associates that have the specific skills, education and personality their practice requires.  Hiring mistakes can be costly in terms of money, time and missed opportunities.

Law firms rely on the market knowledge and recruiting expertise of professional attorney search consultants.  Firms approach Kovensky Daniels with specific profiles, confident that we will introduce them to the best, most qualified candidates.  Our results are rewarded with referrals and repeat engagements.

During the years, we’ve established a rich network of relationships with partners, associates and professional recruiting staff throughout the legal community.  Our responsive, approachable and straightforward style has enabled us to develop and maintain close relationships with our client firms.  These relationships provide us with access to the key decision makers.

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