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About Legal Recruiters


Attorney search consultants act as a conduit for lawyers and law firms.  We ensure that law firms have the talent they need to serve their clients and that lawyers are in roles that will best develop their interests, skills and client base.

When you are working as a lawyer, looking for a new job can be complicated and time consuming.  It’s unlike the recruiting process at law schools.  Most associates do not have the time to complete a thorough search on their own.  Working with a recruiter can be the quickest path to a new position. We know where there are openings and we know which firms may need a lawyer with the talents you possess.  We can immediately access decision-makers to eliminate a lot of the frustration and anxiety associated with a job search. 

Additionally, we can ensure that you do not compromise your current position during the search process.  We set up the interviews, handle the feedback and ensure the confidentiality of your search.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and treat each search with the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality.

On the flipside, law firms enjoy working with recruiters because they are an efficient and effective way to source and screen legal talent. 

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