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Working with Us


In some ways the lateral search process is similar to interviewing for your first position at a law firm, but in many ways it is different.  Instead of hiring a “class” of talent, there may only be one position at the hiring firm.  When you make a lateral move, your educational background is still very important, but there is also emphasis on your work experience.  However, the most important difference is the key role played by the legal recruiter.  We encourage you learn about the legal recruiting process at Kovensky Daniels.

Our Role

During the recruiting process, we provide you information about open positions and the hiring law firms.  Together we will determine which positions best fit your career goals.  Kovensky Daniels uncovers the information that isn’t publicly available such as the firm culture and personality, salary and bonus structure, expected billable hours, partner/associate ratios, firm demographics, and other facts pertinent to the position.  We will work to answer any questions you may have, address concerns, and ask difficult questions on your behalf.  We will be there to walk you through the process.  We understand that career decisions are difficult and are willing to act as a sounding board for you.

Our Goals

Our goal is to find a law firm that is right for you.  We understand that each associate has a unique set of career and lifestyle goals.  We will need to know why you are open to making a change and what you are seeking from your new firm.  Only by getting to know you and understanding your aspirations, can we identify alternative firms that will mesh with your personality, goals and practice style. 

Our Style

We invest a great deal of time getting to know the associates we place.  We spend a good portion of each day speaking with lawyers on the phone and keeping up with their current practices, interests and goals.  Many associates are curious about the legal market even if they are not actively seeking a new position.  We are happy to answer questions and should you decide to explore the market, we’ll be ready to help navigate.

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