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Candidate Requirements

Law firms employ recruiters to help with the hiring of candidates that meet specific criteria.  They favor graduates of the top law schools with very strong academic records and prior employment at leading law firms, the government or corporate law departments.  The most successful candidates possess at least one full year of experience, but there are exceptions based upon the requirements of each search. 

Memo to New Graduates:

Law firms use legal recruiters to assist them in finding qualified lateral attorneys with a minimum of one year of relevant experience.  For this reason, legal search firms do not represent entry level attorneys.  Law firms typically hire new graduates from on-campus interviews or from their summer associate programs.  We recommend that law school graduates without a position upon graduation consult The Legal Times, local bar associations, law school career services, alumni offices and conduct targeted mailings.  We also cannot stress the importance of networking.  In time, you will find a suitable position.

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