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The Search Process


We take a straightforward approach to the associate search process.  Over time we have identified seven key steps.  We encourage our associate candidates to become familiar with this process.

1. Send documentation Fax, email (text file attachment), or mail Kovensky Daniels your resume and law school transcript.

2. Recruiting call — If we believe that we can assist you with your search, we will call you within a week of receiving your documentation.  When we speak (or meet if you are in the D.C. area) we will be trying to get a sense of who you are and what you are looking for in a new position.

3. Target list We will develop a list of firms that match your criteria.  We can discuss each firm in detail.  At this point, we will ask you where you would like us to send your resume.

4. Contact law firms We will contact the selected firms on your behalf.

5. Interviews We will arrange interviews and help you prepare for each individual interview.

a. Screening interview – For the initial interview plan to be at the firm for one to two hours.  You will meet with one or two partners and/or associates.  You get an idea of what the firm is like and will need to decide whether or not to pursue an opportunity at the firm.  The firm will also be determining if you are a good match for them.

b. Full round interview – The full round interview generally lasts for four hours.  You will meet a number of partners and associates.  You should be prepared to ask questions about the work the firm is handling, specific assignments you would work on, clients, firm hierarchy, and associate life.  We will be happy to discuss the specific questions you may wish to ask.

6. Waiting period — Firms can take two days to several weeks to decide if they will extend an offer.  We suggest that you prepare a list of potential references while you wait.

7. The offer — A firm will make an offer to you contingent upon references.  You usually can take several weeks to decide whether to accept the offer.  Should you decline the offer, no one at your current firm will know that you considered employment at an alternative firm.  Should you accept, you will need to give the prospective firm the names of a couple of partners with whom you have worked.  Once your references check out, a start date can be determined.

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